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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bow down before the one you serve.

Before I say anything else - please stop spam commenting on my blog here. If it's a real comment of some kind, go to town on it. But I'm getting really annoyed with these "You are a great blogger! Please come look at my blog for recipes and tips on curling your toe hair!" comments. I realize that you're all probably spambots, but on the offchance that you're an actual human being operating a computer - shut the hell up. Please. And go die in a fire.

Moving right along.

I'm getting the slightest bit irritated with having to share my computer with Jessica. Not because of her, mind you. But... it's my computer. It has all my personal stuff on it. I don't let my own family use it, that's how selfish I am with it. And it was fine for a week, even two. But now it's been three weeks and her internet still isn't working. Now she's asking to get on while I'm on. And it's really starting to bother me.

I don't know. It's my stuff. I'm really bad about sharing my stuff. Especially my favorite stuff, and I think my computer can definitely qualify as my favorite stuff. I don't like other people using it, and having to share it for several weeks without any indication that her internet will be fixed? Not cool. Not. Cool.

I realize she's probably just as frustrated by the situation as I am, but still. At least it's not her stuff. It's just... yeah. Really getting on my nerves. A lot.


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