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Friday, September 02, 2005

One giant leap backwards for blogkind.

After all my railing against secret blogs, I'm surprised to find myself making one. Though really, it's not quite the same. My problems with secret blogs stemmed from the maintainers of said blogs sharing them (and their negative contents) with others. And I don't plan to share this blog with anyone. It's easier than a paper journal, without all the hassle of hiding it and so on, and it's just a place for me to be myself... by myself. And sometimes, I think I need that.

I'm not sure as of yet what this blog will contain, beyond the obvious - things I don't feel comfortable sharing with others. I don't trust my friends with details of my romantic life beyond the general and vague (sad, but true), and I certainly can't speak my mind about said friends sometimes. It's not worth it to me to lose friends over a little bit of irritation, but sometimes I need to vent those things somewhere. Thus - secret blog.

How very sneaky of me. Only not. More like... lame. Story of my life.


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